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Here the BringMeOutoors family will share our outdoors experiences with you, as well as offer new high quality gear for enjoying the outdoors.

This site is a family-run site where the articles and perspective will focus on both independent and family-oriented outdoors activities.

We find it hard to relate to outdoors articles or TV shows where a professionally outfitted outdoors person is describing their adventures in some extremely remote location. At BringMeOutdoors we know that for working families most outdoors activities require careful planning from including and bringing the kids to just finding babysitting, and because of work it is usually limited to locations within a 1 hour drive from home. Here, we will share tips and discuss outings that everyone can enjoy, especially close to home. also hand manufactures high quality lead-free fishing jigs and sinkers. Our gear has been tested in both tournament and recreational fishing, and our testers have raved about its superior feel and handling compared to traditional tackle. With our jigs, every bounce off sand, rocks or logs is transferred to your hand, unlike soft lead which dampens any feeling. Better feeling underwater means better chance of putting fish in the boat. Please visit our online store to buy BringMeOutdoors fishing equipment.

We are also developing high quality products to help people enjoy other outdoors activities such as camping and hunting.

Thanks for visiting BringMeOutdoors!