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Every Labour Day a change happens in me. I believe it’s the realization thatautumn fun September has actually arrived and fall is around the corner. This change is not a bad thing, rather it is an invigorating, and more positive outlook that I experience.

For me, autumn is a very happy time. The days are comfortably warm, and the nights are comfortably cool. Evenings are a perfect time to sit outside with friends and sip last year’s late harvest wine. Driving home from work I am often greeted with the nostalgic smell of burning wood from local farms as I leave the city. The anticipation of leaves turning colour, setting the hillsides ablaze, always fills me with excitement too.

There’s so much to do in autumn. I enjoy picking apples with my family, eating my wife’s fall baking and going for family nature walks, or as much of a walk as one can go on with two children under three years old. Personally, I call a family outing a success if less than 50% of kids are crying and we haven’t run out of backup clothes for those “potty/diaper accidents”.

Then there’s the self-satisfying part of autumn: deer, steelhead and waterfowl. Just the thought of reeling in a fall lunker or sitting in my ground blind waiting for Mr. Buck to stroll by, or hearing the loud rhythm of 20 geese flying from 30 yards away adds a large serving of whipped cream to the delicious pumpkin pie I call autumn. Dig in!